Energy Management System

Introduction of the energy management system as per DIN EN ISO 50001

The energy policy at Norafin Industries (Germany) GmbH describes the intentions and principles regarding the energy-related performance of our company. As an innovative producer and supplier of highly-developed solutions based on nonwovens for industrial use, automotive manufacture, filtration, protective wear and composites, it is our endeavour to apply energy consciously and efficiently for the production of our products.

In order to fulfil these obligations,

  • we measure and analyse the consumption of the types of energy used and the use of energy
  • we define, analyse and document our manufacturin processes
  • we develop methods to continuously improve energy efficiency
  • we make available the resources required to meet our energy objectives
  • we involve our employees on all levels to reach our energy objectives
  • we make our processes and analyses transparent
  • we look for and acquire energy-efficient products and services to support our energy objectives with due regard to economic criteria
  • we regularly test the measures used to implement our energy policy and continually adapt these to current regulations
  • we comply with the legal guidelines

The energy policy is tested annually for its aptness and efficiency, and is revised as needed.

Energy Objectives

Responsible handling of energy resources is extremely important to us in accordance with our energy policy. It is our goal to make our consumption of energy more efficient for the long term. Within the scope of the energy management system, key figures (EnPI) are to be used to increase our energy efficiency, to break down our processes, and to analyse and better understand them.

operative: By establishing the principal energy consumers, we want to recognise potential savings. It is our goal to deduce measures for the steady improvement of the efficient use of energy sources. To reduce the use of energy of the main energy consumers, we will test if production-related data can be energetically optimised.

strategic: The energy used to  manufacture the respective items will be determined by 2016. This way, it is possible to determine the exact amount of energy used for the respective production volume. The item-related energy use is documented and regularly assessed as per the qualitative characteristics of our items. By introducing the energy management system, we are pursuing the goal of increasing the transparency of our energy use and to identify optimisation possibilities with which >2% of energy savings are to be achieved by 2016.

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