Technology & Quality

We carry out a vast range of product tests in-house. Among other aspects, the surface density, thickness and tensile strength of the nonwovens are tested using the latest measurement technology.

Depending on the applications the finished goods are designed for, air permeability, absorbance and washability of the materials are checked. All test measurements and sample swatches from each batch are archived.
Traceabilty to the original raw material used is guaranteed through unique labeling at every production step.

Norafin recently acquired new measuring instruments that enable us to test important characteristics of the filter material. The pore size meter determines the dimensions of the filter pores in both a dry and wet state. The filter test bank makes it possible to carry out filter tests in compliance with international standards. Norafin’s set-up is based on VDI 3926. In addition, Norafin is able to gather information about the dust particles captured by or penetrating the filter material with a special particle counter.

Particle Counter, source: Topas
Filter Test Bank, source: Topas

Our materials used in protective apparel or functional sportswear not only need to offer great wearing comfort, but high flame resistance as well. Our flammability test equipment responds to the European norms EN 15025, EN 6942 and EN 367, which are adopted to industrial products as well as performance apparel. It is thanks to our equipment that we are able to judge the quality of our products always following the objective to improve our products according to our customer’s needs.

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