Sound Absorption – Acoustics

Be it for sound insulating purposes in the house building sector where wall panels or floor underlays are installed or be it for noise absorption for public transport and individual traffic, Norafin’s spunlaced and needlepunched nonwovens offer optimum sound absorption thanks to the following product features and functions:

  • Increased comfort thanks to the reduced noise level
  • Lightweight product solutions
  • High material strength, homogeneous fabric surface
  • Multilayer and gradient material concepts that allow various functions in just one product
  • Multilayered material options either through a one step process or through coating or lamination
  • Compostable solutions based on flax and other natural fibers
  • Good drapability to cover edges and corners, excellent mouldability
  • Processing of various natural and man-made fibers showing diverse diameters from micro to coarse fibers

Various applications possible: aircraft, helicopter, train applications, construction, building and furniture industry, automotive applications, etc.

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