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Each day, around the world, our special and technical products offer enhanced safety in hazardous environments to a wide range of industry professionals, help sportsmen prevent from injuries in risky situations and enhance people's well being. Innovative spunlace nonwovens protect firefighters in their struggle against the flames, make dangerous workplaces less threatening and offer enhanced comfort to wearers of functional apparel.

Thanks to vast investments in R&D we are able to launch innovative products to the functional apparel market and create advanced product applications that help our customers differentiate in their market segments. We not only do research in-house, but also attach great importance to a strong collaboration with international universities, research institutes and our business partners along the entire supply chain, from the fiber to the end product. Thanks to our vast network and the intense cooperation with all participants of the production chain, we have the chance to offer a durable solution that helps increase safety at work and improve people's wearing comfort.

Product characteristics we offer

  • wearing comfort
  • durability
  • breathability
  • barrier resistance
  • 3D structures using Norafin's 3D Performance Fabric
  • variety of fabrics weights from 30 gsm up to 800 gsm
  • variety of fiber blends including PTFE, meta-aramide, para-aramide and polyimide-amide fibers
Norafin's spunlace fabrics for performance apparel
(eg. high-performance aramid materials)
Norafin's flame retardant fabrics for functional wear
(eg. high-performance aramid materials)

Spunlaced NOMEX®/KEVLAR® product solutions

Norafin is an established and trusted solution provider in the field of high performance spunlace nonwovens. We are a proven supplier of NOMEX®, NOMEX®/KEVLAR®, and KEVLAR® spunlace nonwovens. 

Given the announcement of DuPont™ to discontinue its spunlace production, Norafin already has a full range of proven alternatives: 

• DuPont™ E88-like being our S61 with 100% NOMEX®

• DuPont™ E-89™-like being our S52 with fiber blends of NOMEX® and KEVLAR®

• DuPont™ Z11-like being our S51 with 100% KEVLAR®

• DuPont™ E92-like being our Norafin Guardian® range of fire blockers

Performance characteristics: 

  • lightweight FR material
  • protection against heat and flame
  • superior breathability
  • soft and drapeable fabrics
  • improved insulation 
  • chemical free

For further information, please download our brochure about Spunlaced NOMEX®/KEVLAR® product solutions

Our innovative product alternatives

  • multi-dimensional structures
  • double-layering capabilities showing different functions on each side
  • multi-layering capabilities for gradient functionalities
  • lower basis weight variation

Norafin's 3D Performance Fabric

Norafin's product novelty is a three dimensional, hydroembossed fabric, which offers enhanced insulation properties as well as improved safety and comfort aspects thanks to the material’s texture, the company's proprietary technology and know-how applied. Our 3D Performance Fabric can be employed in a wide range of applications that vary from thermal and sound insulation layers up to specialty cosmetic pads and institutional washing gloves.

Norafin's 3D Performance Fabric
a variety of three dimensional spunlaced nonwovens

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