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Norafin recently acquired new measuring instruments that enable us to test important characteristics of the filter material. The 'pore size meter' determines the dimensions of the filter pores in both a dry and wet state. The 'filter test bench' makes it possible to carry out filter tests in compliance with international standards. Norafin's set-up is based on VDI 3926. In addition, Norafin is able to gather information about the dust particles captured by or penetrating the filter material with a special 'particle counter'.

Pore Size Meter

The Pore Size Meter (PSM) is used to determine the pore size distribution in porous materials. The parameters describing the material structure are as follows:

  • the bubble point
  • the pore size distribution
  • the mean flow pore size
  • the mean pore size
  • the median pore size

Filter Test Bank

We also test the filter media with the help of our filter test bank. The test equipment is important for the development and optimization of the filter media as well as for the quality assurance during the production process. The filter test block makes it possible to carry out tests in accordance with various international standards. The design is based following VDI 3926-II:2004. The following features can be measured:

  • Pressure drop
  • Overall fractional efficiency or fractional efficiency with a specific particle size (particle size range of 0.3 to 20 µm)
  • Dust retention capacity
Norafins Pore Size Meter
Norafins filter test bank

Standard tests

Test parametersTest methods

Surface weight [g/m²]

DIN EN 29073-1 / ISO 9073-1

Thickness [mm]

DIN EN 29073-2 / ISO 9073-2

Tensile strength lengthwise [N/5cm](MD)

DIN EN 29073-3 / ISO 9073-3

Tensile strength crosswise [N/5cm] (CD)

DIN EN 29073-3 / ISO 9073-3

Elongation lengthwise [%]

DIN EN 29073-3 / ISO 9073-3

Elongation crosswise [%]

DIN EN 29073-3 / ISO 9073-3

Dust retention capacity [%]

ISO 9073-6

Air permeability [l/dm²/min]; 200 Pa


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