Process Liquid Filtration

Product tests show that hydroentangled filter media offer various performance advantages compared to more traditional materials. Thanks to the high-density fiber entanglement, spunlaced filter media demonstrate a superior uniformity of the web, which leads to increased filtration efficiency.

Advantages of Norafin's spunlaced filter media in general

  • High-density fiber entanglement
  • Superior uniformity of the web
  • Increased filtration efficiency

Having developed a wide range of filter media for dedusting applications, Norafin has lately entered the field of process liquid filtration as well. We started to offer a variety of belt or band filters and most recently developed new filter media for additional dewatering processes such as plate and frame filtration.

Band Filter
Press Plate Filter
Press Plate Filter

Advantages of Norafin's filter media in press filtration

  • Improved filtration efficiency
  • Operation under lower delta P
  • Delayed delta P increase at the cycle's end
  • Reduced material weight

Following several tests which have been carried out lately,  Norafin's spunlace filter media used in frame or plate filters show better filtration efficiency combined with lower pressure drop at reduced material weight. After several weeks in operation, Norafin's spunlace filter media showed a tendency to operate under lower delta P and with a more progressive and delayed delta P increase at the cycle's end. Therefore, spunlaced filter media used in this kind of process liquid application do not only offer good filter performance, but also help reduce overall operational costs.

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Download Material:

Norafin Crystalen® - High Performance Filtermedia - Process Liquid Filtration, Plate and Frame Press Filter
Norafin Crystalen® - High Performance Filtermedia - Process Liquid Filtration, Band Filters

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