Pleated filter elements / cartridge filters

Pleated filter elements / cartridge filters

Norafin has recently developed a new range of self-pleatable filter media with integrated metal scrim, which can be pleated without additional treatment, which is particularly interesting for media used in high-temperature filtration. Up to now, existing high-temperature media are pleated by applying a stiffening binder. By using a binder, an additional operational step is needed, which is not easy to process. The temperature resistance of the filter media is likely to be decreased and the permeability of the material used is lowered.

Norafin's innovative spunlaced filter media has been developed by adopting a metal scrim. Thanks to the scrim used, the media can be pleated without using any binder at all. The filter media consequently have a much higher intrinsic temperature resistance and a better air permeability.

Our hydroentangled filter media show the following features

  • self pleatability; a metal scrim is used in the core of the filter media
  • resin free system; as no binder is applied, there is no temperature limitation
  • high filtration efficiency due to the spunlace technology applied
  • high mechanical strength

Norafin's materials are compatible to wide open pleat spacing and shallow pleating depth and can be processed by using a wide range of heat resistant fibers such as PPS, meta-aramides, polyimide-amides and PTFE.

Norafin's self-pleatable filter media

Download Material:

Norafin Crystalen® - Pleatable High Temperature Resistant Filtermedia - Process Air Filtration, High Temperature Resistant Cartridge Filters

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