Jet fuel filtration

The safety and overall performance of an aircraft is very much dependent on the quality of the fuel used, its cleanliness and dryness. Therefore, it is highly important to purify the fuel from contaminating particles such as solids, surfactants, micro organisms and water. Dissolved water, which remains in solution with the water, does not represent any problem; it is the free water suspended in the fuel, which needs to be captured as it leads to corrosion and mechanical dysfunctions within the engine of the aircraft.

Purpose of Norafin's needlepunch filter media in fuel filtration

  • Absorption of free and emulsified water
  • Removal of ultra-fine solids

Together with a partner of ours, we developed an advanced filter medium for application in jet fuel monitors. A purpose-built nonwoven material absorbs free and emulsified water and removes ultra-fine solids.  Norafin's nonwovens material conforms to the latest testing standards of the Institute of Petroleum API/IP 1583 (4th edition).

Advantages of Norafin's needlepunched filter media in fuel filtration

  • Efficient, simplified and cost-effective option
  • Significant improvement in filtration performance
  • Increased fuel quality

Norafin's product represents a most efficient, simplified and cost-eefective option, for the design of advanced high performance fuel filter monitors delivering significants improvements in overall filtration performance and resultant fuel quality.

For more information, please contact Mr. Vincent Lorentz vincent.lorentz(at)

Aviation Fuel Monitor Filter Cartridge

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