Filter bags

Hot gas filtration

Norafin offers a variety of spunlaced filter media for process liquid and air filtration. The spunlace technology offers various product opportunities and performance advantages not only in liquid, but also in air filtration as for example in hot gas filtration.

Thanks to the hydroentangling process, which binds the fibers in a homogeneous and natural way, and the finer fibers that can be used with this technique, the surface of the filter media shows an increasing number of finer pores. The improved surface of the medium as well as the homogeneous cross-section lead to better filtration efficiency.

Our jet pulsing bag filters used in the field of hot gas filtration show less open areas in their texture than more traditional needlepunched filter media, they have a better homogeneity in surface and cross-section as well as finer pore size and tighter pore distribution (no damage of the reinforcement scrim). Those characteristics lead to increased filtration performance, better filtration efficiency, enhanced cake release ability and a longer lifetime. 

Norafin's filter bag (Polyimide/Polyester)
High heat resistant filter media (Polyimide)

Due to the variety of fibers used – from 'standard' fibers such as PET, PAN, up to high performance fibers such as PPS, meta-aramid, polyimide or PTFE fibers -  the applications are manifold in all kind of branches, from the mineral, cement and chemical industries up to municipal or industrial waste incinerators.

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