Norafin's polyester based technical nonwovens allow the optimization of composites manufactured by the pultrusion process:

Surfacing Veils for Pultrusion

A surfacingveil is a vital component in a pultruded profile.

Pultrusion is a dynamic process whereby the reinforcement, having passed through a resin bath, is pulled through a heated die to produce a composite component of constant profile. As the process is dynamic, the inclusion of a surfacing veil is the optimum method used to impart a wide range of properties to the surface of the pultruded profile. 

A correct selection of a surfacing veil can bring the following benefits to a pultruded component:

  • high-quality surface finish
  • reduced reinforcement print through
  • elimination of surface penetration of reinforcing fibres
  • improved corrosion resistance
  • improved resistance to UV discolouration and degradation
  • surface conductivity
  • improved wear and impact resistance

In addition to the enhanced properties of the pultruded profile, a synthetic surfacing veil such as those manufactured by Norafin also improves the pultrusion process itself giving:

  • reduced die wear
  • reduced pulling forces
  • increased line speeds

The range of spunlaced nonwoven products from Norafin includes:

  • white/black polyester based synthetic veils for general purpose GRP pultrusions
  • polyester based synthetic veils with tailored levels of conductivity for profiles such as cable trays and ladders, mining ducts, support and access structures in petrochemical and offshore plant etc, which require surface antistatic properties.
  • para-aramid veils for improved impact and wear resistance
  • pre-ox and phenolic fibre based veils for enhanced fire resistance

The use of a surfacing veil with isotropic properties also gives a significant degree of hoop strength to pultruded profiles such as tubes, 'L' sections and 'U' channels where the main reinforcement is unidirectional. 

Spunlaced surfacing veils for pultrusion are available at a range of base weights, pre-slit to customer specified widths and lengths or as full rolls for customer slitting. 

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