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Our materials used in performance apparel or functional sportswear not only need to offer great wearing comfort, buth high flame resistance as well. Our flammability test equipment responds to the European norms EN 15025, EN 6942 and EN 367, which are adopted to industrial products as well as performance apparel.

Our flammability test equipment

EN 15025 specifies a technique for the measurement of limited flame spread properties of vertically oriented textile materials and industrial products in the form of single or multi-component fabrics. A defined flame is applied for 10 seconds to the surface of the textile fabrics to record the spread of flame, the afterglow and the formation of the debris after the testing period.

EN 6942 describes the methods to determine the behaviour of materials subjected to heat radiation. The test methods are used to evaluate changes in the material after radiant heat has been applied to the fabric. The protective effect of the materials can be tested as well.

EN 367 illustrates a scheme to compare the heat transmission through materials used in protective clothing. Materials are ranked by calculation of a heat transfer index, which is an indication of the relative protection under specified test conditions.

Norafin's flammability test equipment

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